Why should you visit China?

Breath-taking landscapes

As one of the largest countries in the world, China boasts incredibly diverse landscapes. Virtually whatever scenery you find most beautiful, you will find it in China.

Wonderful people

As the most populous nation in the world, China has plenty of people to meet. Chinese people generally love Westerners, so most are quite friendly.

Awesome language

To a native English speaker, Mandarin can seem intimidating because it is so different from European languages. But this uniqueness makes it all the more beautiful and amazing to experience.

What tours do we offer?

Lantau Enlightenment Tour

See the Tian Tan Buddha statue (Big Buddha) on a visit to Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island—a popular destination almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island.

Big Bus Hong Kong Tour

This unique hop-on and hop-off tour allows you to see all of Hong Kong’s highlights with ease. Hop off at any of the 20 stops along the route and explore the sites at your leisure using a provided map.

Mutianyu Great Wall & Imperial heritages tour

With a maximum of six travellers for intimacy and speed, small-group travel doesn’t get much smaller than this door-to-door tour.

China travel tips

About us


While shopping is a big part of travel (we love shopping too!), at China Yirong, we design tours around enjoying the experience of real China, not shopping. We want our travellers to feel they have a choice about what they purchase and where. Great service means we’re attentive to every detail, large or small, at every stage of your China travel experience. Whether you’re booking or taking a tour, we encourage our customers to let us know if information or assistance is required.

Amber Chung Co-Founder Of China Yirong